please help Ashley be a better mom for her 4 year old


please help Ashley be a better mom for her 4 year old she is from house to house drive with her child in no seat belt very iresponsible she has him around different mens that is not his fathe.He is very smart academic and the other way too he is a good boy keep this child safe lord and his mom Ashley do not want to listen unless she is coning you for your money she never pay back . she has a job and she works but what she is doing with her money no one knows . i dont know if the men are getting it or what , but you and i both know she needs to be providing for her son she has always had family support but most of her associate does not for some reason , she listen to them ,she wants to be like them ,and do not appreciate her family nor the value that has been bestow upon her .What do you do when they want listen and the baby is being pull here and there pray and keep Ashley and her son safe. She thinks when we have the baby he talks about places he been ,people he has been around , what he sees and thinks its cool ,sometime you have to say no that is not nice she thinks you pick her son but we do not and sometime there is just cause for their safety. I constantly worry for them and I know God is looking out for them. She is not the same girl i raised she graduate, and has some college i just dont understand i kept her in church most of the time something happen just what she hate me so much i am her grand mother and i cant fixed this thanks for listening she is not the same no remorse coldness in her eyes but yet she says she love her son how

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