Please hear my prayer

by J (Canada)

Dear St Joseph

please sell the Phoenix condo in L park quickly. May someone purchase it at full price and provide that family with the blessings of a warm climate, great neighbours and the comfort of a safe and loving place with many years of pleasure.

The sale of this home will lift the burden of financial stresses for our son and family.

May our last request of finding a home where he and his puppy can feel it will be a welcoming, safe and loving as well as affordable.

We understand it is your will. I thank you so much for hearing my prayers and have sold the house on the prairies and his rental and know that your fatherly gifts are critical with our son. May you guide him and hold him towards a healthy, loving and respectful future where he is content and at peace.

I prayer for homes to be welcoming, warm and full of faithful grace.

Thank you I love you J