Please hear my prayer for financial increase

by CO (USA)

Please heavenly Father, forgive me for all of my trespasses. I know you already know my situation but I am pleading for help. Finances are low and business has been slow. Pantry is empty and my children need to eat. House is in foreclosure due to toxic predatory loan and loan servicing of which a case is pending in a court of law. Expenses are high right now and my decrease in income is affecting us all. I am trying to pray but sometimes the words just won’t come, other than “please help”.

I feel as though I owe everyone and everything and there is no way out. Looking for a supernatural miracle of financial increase and abundance. I wish for this more than anything. I wish to be so abundantly blessed, that I can be a blessing to others in need in and outside of my family. Please hear my plea and intercede if you would. The kids have many needs. I also wish to afford them an opportunity to succeed. You said you would never forsake us as it is written. Thank you for this opportunity to pour my heart out to you.

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