Please hear my pray oh Father

by Laceria (Ga)

Dear God

Please here my prayer for I am scared, lost, hurt, confused. Father please forgive me for all the sins I have done. I give my all to you God. I love you unconditionally and I know you will always be here when I need to talk to you. Thank you for all the blessing you have given in my life since I came in to this world. Please protect my son and I in our home. My other half Kendall W. and my family back home. Father I ask for your guideance, and strength to lead me for success in my job to take care my son. Help us feel better from the flu we both caught. Take away all the negativity in our lives and the people who are trying to bring us down. Please God please have Kendall call me soon and let me know he is ok and we are ok. Father I know deep inside Kendall is the one for me and I need him in my sons and I life to become a family. I know in heart and soul Father that that’s who I want and need to be with. I’m very sure on that. I hope I didn’t do anything wrong to him for him not to let me know what’s going on. I have had a hard time sleeping since I haven’t heard from him. I’m scared I have lost him. Please father bring him back so we can be a family and we can get married and my son and I can move up there with him. Please stop the drama with my sons father. I don’t want the all the bad energy here in my home. I would like him to just leave my son and I alone. Father please give me a sign that my relationship with Kendall is fine and he is safe please God send me a message or sign something please. Help me get through working and my son being in daycare. Thank you for hearing my prayer. I love you Father

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