please heal our son Matthew

by kathy ()

Our son Matthew is 30 yrs old. He is in a common law relationship and at his girlfriend’s advice began using anti-depressants 1.5 yrs ago. Last week he went off them cold turkey. Needless to say he is in a dark dark place. He has been under blankets for 5 days, not eating. Yesterday he was 90% better. But he has become paranoid going back to things in his childhood over which we had no control. He was abused by his playmate at the age of 6 and has now become angry at me for taking him to counselling. He is angry at his brother who passed 8 years ago over a soccer team issue. He is angry at his girlfriend for cheating on him multiple times. She claims she has been open with him and it only happened once. He is angry at his sisters who have a musical band and “left him behind” He is just plain angry. He is talented, handsome and has great interpersonal skills but now is swearing at his girlfriend and me and accusing his dad & I of taking sides with his girlfriend. We love her but do not want to see either of them hurt. Please pray that he can come out of this dark dark place safely and without causing harm to either himself or her. God I know you love your children and right now our son needs you more than ever. Send your holy angels of comfort. Send you Holy Spirit to ease his heart and allow him to open up to You and your Son who died for all of us. Please dear Lord give him relief and comfort and the resilience to overcome this great trial. I ask this in the name of Jesus your Son. He is an important element of our family and we all miss him dearly. As his mother, whom he has singled out to be the most angry at, I find myself completely helpless. I am afraid of reaching out to him for that I merely start another episode of anger and darkness. If he comes home which is rarely he comes in and leaves without saying a word. It is extremely hard for his father and at times I just feel like I am totally useless. I have prayed. I wake up at night with horrid dreams and each time I hear a siren I catch my breath and pray that he is not involved. I have even tried to rebuke Satan and the hold he now has on this precious child. I know it is a mental health issue but I am hoping that God will soon answer our prayers. Blessings to those who will pray for him as well. Amen.

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