Please Heal My Soulmate And I

by Michael ()

Dear Lord Jesus Christ,
I want to say thank you for blessing me every day that I am alive. Thank for blessing me with an amazing job, a roof over my head, along with people and animals in my life that love me.

Thank you for creating Amanda for me, and for blessing me by bringing her into my life. Despite the fact that things haven’t been good between she and I as of late, I am still thankful for your gift of love, Father.

It is in love that I come here, to ask for your forgiveness for hurting the woman I love – Amanda.

I ask for you to take the load off of both Amanda and I, and help us mend our relationship.
Please Father, help her to feel my love for her. I never meant to hurt her to such a degree.
I allowed Satan, depression and negative thoughts to cloud my judgement and I reacted badly.

I ask for forgiveness for hurting her.

I will not allow such thoughts to consume me again – so thank you once again Father for making me see that I need to change the necessary things, and I am now on an antidepressant.
I am fixing myself not just for you, Father, but for myself and for Amanda and our relationship.

I am human, I am born into sin and I accept that.
I cannot promise that I won’t hurt her again, but what I can promise is that I will love her eternally, and try my absolute best to never hurt her so severely ever again.

I will admit I am still fearful of losing her – so I again ask Jesus Christ to take the load of my fears off me, to help His ever lasting love to wash over me, so that I may feel love rather than fear.

And I ask Jesus Christ to take the load of Amanda’s fears, depression and any negative thoughts she may have had and/or is having.

I cannot lose her. Please Father, I ask you to help me feel only love and positive emotions so that my soulmate, Amanda, will feel my love and Your love. I have never felt so strongly about anyone or anything (other than You). I feel it in the pit of my stomach, to the synapses in my nervous system, and it consumes my soul: Amanda is my soulmate and I love her.

I know that one of my purposes in life is to love Amanda for all eternity. So please father, I ask for you to help heal Amanda, in the name of Jesus Christ I ask You to heal her mental and even physical wounds.

I can ask you to forgive me and I know you will, but will she? You cannot make her, and I am not asking you to. But if there’s one thing I want in this life it is to see her blue-grey eyes look into my soul, to feel her hand in mine, to make her my wife and die with her by bedside while we whither away together, our bodies old and grey, but our love still youthful and strong, while we stand together as children of God.

Father, send Amanda your love and blessing. Let it wash over her and be the healing she needs.

Thank you for hearing my prayer, Father.

Thank you to anyone that reads this and prays for Amanda and I, I will return the favor and say prayers for those kind strangers.

Thank you for everything you do for me and the people I love, Father. I love you.

In the name of Jesus I ask this,

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