Please Heal My Son’s Good Health & Heal My Family Life Too

by Nirmal (Sri Lanka)

My Name is Mr. Nirmal From Sri Lanka. for this year it is 11 Years since I got married. It is because I wanted to share Joys, Sorrows of life together. That I took a wife from an Ordinary family. Her Name is Mrs. Vasana . due to depressed feelings & very high expectations, she broke the marriage & went away last December 6th. However much I insisted her not to going to legal action she somehow or other proceeded to legal action seeking a divorce. She has been involved with a member of my family on an extra marital affair, while living here. Lying she took the child with her. More than the mother I the Father looked after the child.

According to a Court Order, I have been given access to the Child twice a month. Whatever the Law say I expect the Child to come & live with me very soon. Please Pray that this Problem will get solve according to Gods plan & we will Restart living as one family. Im prepared to forgive & forget the past. I earnestly Request you all to pray for a Deep Healing of mind a heart a complete conversion.
My Sons 4th Birthday is 05th-Oct -2011 . His name is Master Nirodha. The child is really suffering unable to tell, what is going through inside due to this family Problem. Please Pray for my Sons healing & protection & Good Health Very Soon. I very much Trust & Believe The Almighty God.. God Can do anything Lord Please Help Us .. I want My family Life again .. Please Heal My Thoughts & My Financial Difficulties also..

Thank You ~ Dearest Loving Bro & Sis .. May The Good Lord Bless & Protect U Too ~

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace.”(Rom 15:13)