Please Heal My Mind

Dear Lord, I need help today. I am going through a depression I cannot shake off. I feel so alone. Why do I feel you are not with me when I know you are? Why do I feel like I don’t want to live anymore? Why, Lord, why? I beg of you to redeem me and protect me from the devil. He is causing my depression and wants me to be miserable. Lord, you are the light and the way. You are the only one who can heal me from my hurt and pain. You are the only one who can save me from harm. O Please Lord, help me! Please hear and answer my prayer!!! I am desperate and need you so much. Please do not forsake me, Lord! I cannot go on like this! I want to be happy again and I have not been happy for many many years. Just only very short spirts of it and then something bad happens and takes it all away from me. Please Lord! Don’t allow anything bad to happen to me!

I am thankful to you for my children and grandsons! I thank you for the job I have although I am miserable around some here. I am thankful for what I do have although it is very little compared to others and more than a lot of others. I praise and worship you and need you to bring me out of darkness into light. For your name I pray! AMEN