Please Heal My Marriage oh Lord

by Darrell (Moore, OK, USA)

Oh Dear God Please Hear My Cry Oh Lord

Lord, I Totally Submit Myself to You Oh Lord
I Completely Surrender Myself Unto You Lord
I Can Not Go On Without You
Please Speak To My Wife Sandy’s Heart And Mind
You Know Our Circumstances And Our Situation
Lord You Know What Happened Far Better Than Anyone
Lord You Know My Heart And My Mind
I Love My Wife Unconditionally
Please God Allow An Opportunity For Our Marriage To Be Reconciled With Honor Your Word And Praise Your Name
Dear God, I Hate Diviorce And I Have Hurt My Wife Sandy So Bad
God, Please Speak To Sandy’s Heart And Convict Her To Please Set Aside This Petitiion
Oh Dear God I Do Not Want To Hurt You Oh Lord
Please Convict Sandy’s Heart And Allow For Our Marriage To Be Healed For Your Glory
Dear God Please Stop This Divorce
Dear God Please Forgive Me For Everthing
In Jesus Christ Name, Amen

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