Please Heal my boyfriend’s Depression and make him Happy

by Genevieve (Philippines)

Andres who I love so much is suffering major depression and anxiety. I helped him come to the Philippines for the last 3-4 months bec I thought the change of environment would do him good. He just left to go back to the United States and now he is saying he doesn’t love me as much as I love him and that he doesn’t want a long term relationship bec he can’t promise the future even to himself because he doesn’t know if he has a future. He says that since I was his first girlfriend he doesn’t want to have a long term relationship with me bec he might regret in the future not meeting other people and that hurts me to hear that. He says he doesn’t love me bec we don’t have chemistry (so he says) and that he’s hoping to find someone he can actually love more. Anyway, what Im asking is, I’m asking you to keep him in your thoughts and prayers bec he needs them. He needs friends and he needs to know that he is loved and people care about him. I want him to be happy and to recover from his depression that’s why Im not mad. I understand him that people with depression push people away. Its sad to see him suffering. He told me once we were at a rooftop during our advance valentines dinner (he told me this days after that) that he thought of jumping off the building and that he was actually scared the whole time and didn’t tell me. I spoke to his mother and father (i’m in speaking terms with both) and told them the grave situation and that they should help him. They told me they’ll do everything they can to help him. His mom told me to not worry and that he has been suffering like this for the past few years and have tried to help him before. His mom has been a consolation to me bec she has been helping me and talking to me and promised to keep me updated with his situation. His mom tells me too that he says things to hurt other people especially her bec he is hurting, so how he’s treating me and telling me she said not to take it seriously based on her experience. So now at least Im consoled that they’ll take care of him even if I’m far away. I can’t ask him to promise me this and that and to marry me bec he isn’t in the right state of mind now and it’s unfair to me to do so. All I can do now is leave it up to his parents and to God. Even if it hurts like hell for me now. You know how hard it was to me seeing him breakdown? He’s a good person despite his depression. The depression is just a leech.

Please ask everyone you know to pray for me especially pray for the recovery of Andres from his depression, anxiety and mental illness. If you can ask anyone or if you know anyone in the convent to pray for him as well and to offer mass for him, I’d really appreciate it because I’m afraid that he won’t want to do anything to help himself. I know I can’t cure him that’s why I’m asking God for help and for everyone I know to keep Andres in your thoughts and prayers. All I can do now is leave it up to God because now Andres is asking me to leave him alone and I am leaving him alone and giving him space entrusting him to his parents to take care of him. Thank you for your time. God bless.

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