Please heal me and renew my body to whole, Oh Lord

Dear Lord,

I am humbled by the bounty of blessings you have bestowed on my life. I am overjoyed and grateful each day for these gifts and my loved ones.

Please heal me and renew my body to whole. Please grant me the miracle of health and vitality. Let me live to enjoy all of the gracious gifts you have blessed me with. Let me live to raise my children and grow old with my husband.

Through you all things are possible, this I know. I have been blessed with miracles in the past, and although I know I am not worthy I ask you for this miracle of health now.

Show me how to be a better person, mother, daughter, friend, sister, boss, and wife. Guide me as your servant on a path that will improve the lives of others. Dear God, I release this to you and pray for your mercy once more.


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