please heal his heart, I’ve done wrong!!

by Kelly (Pittsburgh)

Lord Jesus, please hear my prayer.. Lord I waited months, almost a whole year for my fiance and through life’s twists and turns, i lost him by making the biggest mistake. Over a little, petty disagreement, I kicked him out. I lost my mind.. I want to redeem myself and i need him to come back. I love this man, Lord and i know we were meant to be together forever. He teaches me how to be closer to you, Lord. He helps me to understand the bible better, Lord. I believe in him as my fiance, my soul mate on earth. I want to help him in every way possible. Please Lord, help Vernon to realize how much I truly love him and how sorry i am. I pray he moves back home soon and things get 10x better! I pray this situation can make us stronger. A stronger union between the 2 of us. I have a strong feeling that he will come back, Lord so i am going to hold on to that – with faith as large as this world because that’s how much i love this man you have given me! I love Vernon and i won’t give up on my fiance, my husband to be. We made promises and set yearly goals, i pray we can fullfill them still. Soften his heart, oh Lord. Fill his heart with my love so that he remembers me and our love. Thank you Lord Jesus, i love you. Amen

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