Please Guide My Wife Back to Me

by Chad (Arizona, USA)


Please send my love to my wife. Let her realize my bipolar illness’s cycles are only temporary and I do return back to normal between them. Show her heart the love I still have for her. Show her the love I still have for our children. Please send signs reminding her of our love. Help her to remember the good times and forget the bad. Let her know I am sorry if I had ever hurt her while I was in a deep depression from my illness. Grant her the strength to be able to help me overcome the obstacles in our paths. Help her to find her happiness so that one day, she may share that happiness with me again. Please, God, let these things soften her heart and remember the love we shared, so that I may be able to come back home and be with my family. I want nothing more in this life than to be reunited with my wife and children. Please show her that divorce is not the answer and that we can move past these troubled times together.