Please Guide Me To Your Plan And Not Mine

by Steve (CA)

The one and only, all mighty God ! I have an amazing Surgical opportunity…but don’t have the funding to make it all come together. If this is the right company and opportunity would you please make it crystal clear to me this is how you would like me to spend my time and energy.

I’m asking for direction, and doors to be opened or closed. The door has been opened, we have started this company and it has been growing, we have hit a wall and also wondering if this a signal from you or if I need to change course with something I am doing. As you can see I am very confused as to what to do.

Please bless this or dissolve it. I don’t have many other option due to my past being so messed up, I have come this far from being just about homeless, I know I cannot succeed if you are not behind the scenes helping me, I am 110% sure of that.

Thank you Jesus for your direction !

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