Please grant me a miracle for financial stability and good health

by Elly (USA)

Dear God, please help me find a miracle for financial help. I ask that you pray for me to find a way to pay my bills and gain financial stability among all my problems of making my house payment, and paying outstanding medical bills and trying to keep up with my utilities and for better health.

I have SLE Lupus and other medical problems, so please pray that I have better days of good health. Me and my husband started with a downside of bad times with our bills when he had to have knee surgery last November and he received no pay for six weeks due to his employee not having disability coverage.

I then had to have surgery in December, four weeks later. I did have disability pay, but at 50% this is when things spiraled out of control. We could not catch up on our bills and I had to get payday loans at very high interest up to 150%, so this of course made everything worse.

I am trying to break free from all this and I pray everyday to the Lord to help us through these tough times. Please I ask everyone for prayers for good health and financial well being to at least be able to stay above these rising waters. I read several other prayers that are posted and pray for everyone else and may God help us all. God is great and may God bless us all.

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