please god return my fiance home

by Monica (Houston)

God I pray to you that my fiance of 3 years wayne return home soon please I pray to you that he looks into his heart and returns home to me and my kids so that we can continue to be the family we once were. Please help him decide and not his family when it comes to our lives. Please open his heart and please that he doesnt forget all the love we have in our relationship we have been thru so much over the years but with your guideance we were able to over come everything and trust in you god that this to shall pass and he will return home. Please god take this pain and emptyness I feel in my heart give me the strenght to stay strong for our family and not loose sight of what is important. Please I pray that wayne returns home so that we may continue on our paths as planned. Please god I cry out to you that wayne be able to stand up for our relationship with his family and realize what we have is our family. God please return wayne home and that he not forget about me and the kids and all the love we have for eact other.

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