Please God heal my Rick my Romeo and Heal this relationship

by Birdie (Key West , Fl)

Dear God ,

My Fiance, Rick, did not have a successful meeting with his boss which means he will not be paid for 3 years of hard work building hotel in ISTANBUL , Turkey . He is devastated and not replying to any of my texts or emails ??… This Hurts me GREATLY & I am very worried about him because he told me he would commit Suicide if the meeting ended badly. He said that he had some Poison and would take it !!!
Tomorrow is his Birthday and we were. Planning on being together finally on his Birthday after 3 long years. But it is not the case.
Please God heal myRick my Romeo and Heal this relationship so that he Will communicate with me again . Please help us to figure out a way for him to get his money and come Home for good!!! PLEASE God , I am Pleading to you with all my heart because it has been broken.