Please God, guide me to do what is right with my wife of 20 yrs, who commited ADULTERY and now has almost destroyed our family & 4 boys


Dear God in heaven and all the relatives who have passed, guide me as to what is righteous in my choice, to try and forgive my wife of 20 years, who has commited ADULTERY and continually trys to justify her actions to me our 4 boys and anyone else that has found out, as “Justified.”

She has even had him sleep and had intercourse in our home, with all my children present, while we are still legally married, no seperation agreement, and she has now tried to tell all that she feels this is acceptable. I know I have been a good and loyal and ALWAYS FAITHFUL HUSBAND. I have resisted temptation as I knew it was wrong and always tried to instill all the right morals and honor and respect in my children, as they know this is not right.

Pray to show me a sign Lord, as I do not want vegence, or retribution or to be vindictive, rather just a way I can start to leave her and disconnect that LOVE all my LOVE, that I gave to her unconditionally. It hurts more than anything I have ever felt. It has affected my soul, my children, my self esteem, my job, my confidence, my trust and my faith oh powerful God, please send me a sign to guide me out of this hell on earth.

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