PLease God Grant me a job


Dear God,

I really need a job and my unemployment is running out soon because they have not extended it. I’m looking for a specific type of job, but God knows the right job for me.. St Jude, St. Raphael, St. Michael, St Therese, and St. Francis, please send God a message to help me in this request. I just want a small home..for me and my husband and without the proper funds..none of this can be accomplished. I have second interviews..please let them be successful. I am a hard worker, and have good education, so I don’t understand why it has been so difficult to find a job in my field. Also, may all who are ill in my family be stronger and do the right decisions in their health. I believe in you…I just feel time is running out and I really don’t want to settle for just anything. I’ve worked too hard and have alot of experience. I know with your guidance you can make things happen. You can take someone from point A to point B, but I do understand that God helps those who help themselves..and I am trying hard. I always care for the unfortunate and those in need..if you could look upon me and help convince those who might hiring that I am worthy of the position.. Most importantly,,.may my marriage be strong forever..I love my husband with all my heart…and may we be strong against any turmoil..

AMEN, love you God, Mary, Jesus,…all the saints.

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