Please God communicate to the Bar exam graders so they will provide

Dear God, through Jesus Christ

I did my very best writing the California Bar Exam. But I wish I could have done even more. I wish I could have etched the exam in Gold, given lights to the exam. Thank you for providing me the light and energy and skill to complete this task. I pray that each of the readers, see my skill and understanding and grade generously. Please communicate to them that i know the subject and would ask them kindly to give me at least 65 on each exam or higher. Thank them for their time and please ask them to stretch their patience since it is hard to read a handwritten exam. Please tell them that 180 days refers to the amendment for the request for jury. And that i was right. I pray they understand some of the small points that due to the facts (my computer broke) and the glitches in my understanding as communicated go to the heart. Please let us be graded fairly. Please ask them to be more than understanding. Tell them you have prepared me that I will do my very best for all those that need me. Let me lay this in your hands. I vow to help those who are suffering, even those who need help on this exam. Please pass me. Please go to the heart of this matter and stop my fretting which is now constant. Please let me surrender this to you. I am tired. I am worn out. I am weary. Please let my arm that wrote the exam for 14 hours to the paper. Let it be so. Please God I have taken this exam so many times. Please help. Stop my desperation.
I want to thank you for breaking my computer because I think I really connected with what I knew and put it on the paper. Please help the communicate between me and the eight graders. Please provide me 1460 or higher, Please give me all of the MBE questions at 75 to 80% of the test. I am not sure why it has been this difficult. Please let me accept what ever you have given me and let this go. Let me trust in you.

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