please give me tolerance, peace, love and contentment

by Marie (Brigantine)

Dear one,

As i lay in my bed surrounded with an overwelming feeling of anxiety of what the future holds, i feel my heart quiver with pain. I have so many unspoken thoughts that could come to the surface if i weren’t so scared and sad. The empty feeling i have in my heart is being filled with your preciuos grace.

Give my loved ones the forgiving hearts they require to make me whole again. May i trust in their love forever. I beg for forgivness of all my inequaties, sins ,failings and faults.

May your mercy shine down on the broken sprits that you have created in your likeness. We are all human and not perfect, forgive us for our shortcomings.

I have nothing to gain from this endeveavor but happiness, true and unconditional love.

Please god may i find comforf in your presence.


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