Please give me strength to grow in you and guide me to win my girlfriend back

by Tony Tofte (Ridgefield, Wa)

Dear Lord please give me the strength to grow in your word and control my words and anger towards other people. I am just learning your word and have finally excepted you into my life. I just need guidance and strength to help me grow with you and the opportunity to fix myself as I was totally out of control. My girlfriend of two years finally threw me out and had enough wich I understand why. I am praying that you open your heart and allow her the strength to believe that I am starting a new life. It’s hard because it doesn’t happen overnight. I take full responsibility for what has happened in the past for the way I have treated her please Lord give her the strength to open your heart and truly believe in me and let me have one last opportunity to make it right to her and her boys. I truly know that I disrespected her and her boys and I hope that you give the boys a little bit of healing so they can see that I truly am sorry for what I did to their mother.