Please give me strength a courage

by L (North Island, NZ)

Heavenly father I thank you for each day and every blessing that you have bestowed upon me. Lord I humbly and kindly ask Lord that you please give me ther strength, knowledge and courage to go through with my studies. Lord This year has been a tough year for me. Lord in previous year I was doing well now Lord I feel as though Im going to give up lord Im always tired, anxious and at times get confused and feel as if I cant seek help Lord. Lord I pray that you continue to instill the faith and the courage you once instilled in me and that your light forever shines in my life and that you’ll continue to give me the strength and courage and faith to continue on so that I can continue to serve you and the people you have called for me to help. Lord I pray that you’ll continue to guide me through my school work, assignment and exams that I will get each and everyone done and get a good result for. Lord thank you. I ask and pray for all these things in you miraculous name. Amen and Amen