Please give me happiness

by Mathew Ryan ()

I know I am not perfect by any means, but I believe I am just all sorts of things, whether good, naughty, kind, unkind, smart, stupid, humble, ignorant, stubborn, and most of all…..just scared. I want to be good, but when I get scared, I get frustrated, or bitter, or angry. I do not mean to be any of the bad things, I just sometimes respond poorly. Most of all though, I just want to be happy, cause when I am happy, I feel it shines and spreads happiness. I know where my happiness truly lies though, and it is with money. The more money I have, the more comfortable I am. The more comfortable I am the easier it is to try and help others while not being bogged down with mere survival or on the brink of giving up. I know from my own experiences that I can do better with it than others have done. I will spread it out more, and in ripple effects, change not just my own life, but other peoples’ lives, families, the world over, and for the better. I am not even asking to be top dog of the entire world, or company. $100,000-$200,000 a year would do a lot not just for me, but all of the others that I can help with it. Or a lottery win of $5,000,000. I don’t need $50,000,000 or $100,000. With 5, or the 100-200,000 a year…..I know I can invest it wiser while changing the lives of others like the flip of a switch no different than it would have changed for me. I am not being selfish. I just know what will make me happy while being without a doubt that I would pay it forward. I have worked hard, so hard. I know a lot of other people have to and want the same things. I just think I can do more with it for myself and them if given a chance. Please trust in me, the same as I have been trusting in you. Grant me an opportunity to prove what I say. I will make it happen. I have tried thus far, and feel like I am failing, even though I have changed some folks’ lives for the better potentially along the way, I want to do more, a lot more, and for the most part people just see me as someone who has worked hard but doesn’t have all that much, which gives them a voice like “no need to listen to him” then. Please please please. I will keep to my word and continue putting in work. I just need help getting through the struggle

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