Please give me faith and I promise you I will give you my trust and bring me closer to you because I’ve seemed to fall off the right path with you.

by Jasmine (California)

I have lost who I am, and who I want to be. I have no self care anymore, which makes me want to isolate myself because of the way I look. I’m in college and have no idea what I want to do because I feel so stupid. I feel like no one takes me seriously, I feel that I’m pushing my boyfriend away because I don’t have my stuff together and I’m ashamed of that. I’ve made so many mistakes in my freshmen year of college, though I’m given the chance to re take the courses I screwed up in, I feel like the only one who is so irresponsible in college. I know I’m better than this, I want my organized life back. I fee like I have nothing to offer in this world, to my loved ones, I feel like I don’t know what I truly want. Dear lord, please give me the strength to move forward with what I am destined to be. I want to live and I’m not living, only moving past life in a very hollow way.

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