please give me and my partner the baby we long for

by Elizabeth (England)

Dear god you know all about me and my husband and I love you lord we have been trying for 10 years and I am ready to quit when will you bless us with a child we dont even mind if you only let us have 1 we would be so happy with that every month my period comes I cry inside sometimes I wish I could stop believing in you but I cant I try to shut myself off from you but your always in my heart my sister who is much younger than me is pregnant with her second child everyone I know now has children what have I done so wrong lord for you to punish me this way I am hurting and I am so jealous of my sister and all mothers I dont want to feel this way please lord I pray for a miracle please bless us with a child please heal my husbands extremely low sperm count all I can say is please please help us from your daughter

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