Please give Joe clarity and bring him back to me.

by Heartbroken (Australia)

Dear Lord Jesus.

I have reached a stage in my life where I realise I need a companion to hold my hand. I have raised my child to adulthood, alone. I have worked hard and I have survived life threatening illness. I realise I have many blessings yet I ask for this, one more.

I ask that you give Joe, clarity. He is torn and now questions his love for me. Help him to reignite the love he felt for me when we first met. Help him to find his way back to me. I will practise kindness and strive for true intimacy. I will aim for a perfect relationship. I will always love him in a way that reflects your Christianity. If this is not the man that is meant for me, then I succumb to your will and ask you to please help me overcome this pain and anxiety. I know that you love me and want me to be at ease.

I am powerless to alter his state of heart as we have no communication. Only your divine intervention can bring this love back.

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