Please give a me a Miracle in my life

by Renato Antony Pereira (Chennai,Tamilnadu, India)

Dear lord, i thank you for all the blessings that you have showered on us till today. Now i going through a bad phase where it was my own undoing that i am suffering so please help me to overcome this by providing me strength and vigor.

Please lord i ask for your mercy which will be a cure for my wound by providing me with a job which will cater to the needs of my family. Also i had applied for migration to Australia which has come to a very decisive phase where i need to score the desired marks to secure a place over there. If it is thy will let it be done and break all shackles and lead us your way.

For the past 5 months people are mocking at my family for which we are not in fault which is very disturbing both physically and mentally so, please help us to overcome this and bring peace and happiness to or family . In god’s holy name i pray to Jesus Christ our lord Amen.

Thank you for blessing us :):):)

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