Please get my love back to my life, Lord I pray

by Anushree (Delhi,India)

Thank you lord for this wonderful life, family and friends and things around. I know its me whose sin has got resulted this day from positive to negative. Please forgive me, my family, friends and other people around me whose either unknowingly or out of needs are doing sin.

You know that my life has got me through so many troubles and loses and i still stood still though blaming you for things, Im sorry for that ass somewhere i know Im at fault. Forgive me my father and mother, you are a parent despite of all negative that i hold i know you can’t walk away and ignore me .Please get my life to a normal state overcome all the negativity in my and my family’s life (my mom ,dad ,sisters and others.).

Please get my love back to my life the way i want it i.e. without causing any issues to my family and other negativities. Get back our wealth of love prosperity, richness of knowledge and ability to help others. Provide us worldly riches and fame, but without any wrongs, selfishness and other human nature adaptable negativities that grow due to fame and riches. Lord my father I have a lot to say, I dont know how to say all my words are falling short .But i know i trust you that you will understand me and provide me with my wishes even if i short of word as you understand all without saying. Request you to shower your blessings and love. You have always walked aside me and carried me when required. Please never leave me alone!! Please fulfill all my wishes soon time is running out of my hand things have crossed my patient .It been years of suffering I request for forgiveness of all me and my families bad deeds that has caused them.

Please shower your blessings..bless your miracle and make us feel your presences. I dont know how to worship you. But all I can say all mighty. I have no words but feelings and those are proof of your presence. !!!
Your child

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