Please forgive my sins and for pushing you aside

Dear Lord, I recently thought I had everything in Scottsdale. That money and materialistic things would make me happier. So that’s what I chose. Because I struggled for years as a single mother of a precious ten year old daughter. I was selfish, prideful and stubborn to in my ways. Please forgive my sins and for pushing you aside. I went down a very foolish path, with an ungodly person, knowing it would bring me only heartache in the end, but risking it anyway for temporary satisfaction and security. My world has come crashing down painfully as I built it upon sand.

I’ve lost what I thought would be love, job, possessions and home. I’m in deep sorrow as my engagement is ending. I know it is the right thing to do. I want to be a moraI leader for my daughter and I haven’t been. I need help finding a new career as I will be moving home with family as I now have nothing left.

I recommit my life to you, and trust you will lead me in a purposeful direction. Help me to rebuild my life with stability and love. Please give me peace and joy again in my heart. Amen

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