Please forgive me for I nearly sinned this morning and please help me find the job I have applied for

(Westonaria )

Dear Lord our havenly Father I pray that you help and forgive me my sins, as I nearly sinned this morning. I nearly got myself into stupid and uneccessary problem by way of attempted theft. It is not like me to do such. However, I am enerstly asking for Your Blessings to get the Job that I have applied for as a subeditor at the Independent newspapers. May You Lord help me to be rightious and get the job. It is only through Your Son’s blood and spirit I believe that I will get the Job. I also ask you to pour Your Holy Spirit in those who must give me the job to listen to your directory so that they can give me the job. They told be that by Monday or sometime next week they will phone me to tell me about the results of my application and the test that I wrote. Havenly Father please help me to get this job so that I can take care of my life that of my children and my mother and my siblings. In the nanme of Your Son and the holy spirit. Amen.