Please Forgive Me

by DS ()

When that time when my father was demeaning me which is not true….. In a spur moment I throw a disrespectful word on him. Please forgive me for that as in Jesus 10commandments… Honour/Respect thy Parents………. But though to err is human…. It is my father…. And I am feeling very much guilty for that…..

My Father who is a womanizer has hurt me alot. Though he is 78years old and
still involve in adultery watching porn and married 3more women illegally
and have children from other women other than my mom who is his only legal
wife and he still staying with his mistresses till now leaving my mom alone
for 30 years pretending as he is perfect though he knows I know everything
and is accusing my past now that I had boyfriends which was before marriage
etc. I am with my husband living happily but he is cursing me that me to
separate from my hubby though I am still in my 40’s but he is 78 and still
never reform turning into a new
leaf. And Despite knowing all this I stayed in his place and he was alone
with his GF In A separate room. I was there for almost past 2months but I
realize he has never change even 1%.. I am asking for forgiveness as
despite he is doing adultery… I still stayed with
him on n off with his girlfriend and he alone in 1room…. I Was there for
2months on n off. As Jesus always emphasize on respect parent I got
confused n that Night I prayed Jesus asking asking am I doing the right
thing. And to separate my dad if it is wrong for me to stay with him. Fair
enough… I am now separated with my parent(father) within 10hours I
prayed. So I pray now that it is not wrong that I stay away from a filthy
hearted father as him… Thank you! Amen!

And I really don’t know why am I curse to have a parents who have no love
for me. I was born as a Hindu and baptised myself and the only person in my
family who is a Catholic. I really curse myself to talk to my dad again
despite knowing he is still doing adultery even at this age. He has lots of
curses from so many women. Please save me from all the curses because
of him as I already pass through alot of pains in my life….. and if still you
don’t have mercy…. Please end my life now itself… I will happily accept
it without any hard feelings with you god as you who created me have all
the rights to do anything to me…..

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