please flee all and any cancerous growths

by Mae (Parkesburg Pa)

please flee all and any cancerous growths in my body and flee the small knot in my right breast and heal my body from all and any disease in my body 100% Flee all swelling in my feet and feet and flee all problems if there is any in my blood so as my blood work will come out good when I go get tested at my Doctor’s office and make my urine be good when i go to the Doctor office to be tested. Please help Okema get her job transferred to California from the V A hospital hospital here in the east coast. Help Okema get job transfer to California. Help Darlene Singleton husband get better when he goes in the hospital next week. Flee all pains in my knees and elbows to flee my body. Flee all cancerous growths from Leon, Leonard, and Tony body. Flee all sickness from Tony, Leon, and Leonard body. Please flee all disease from all 3 of my son’s bodie’s 100 %.