Please find employment for Jonathan (husband & father quickly!

by Kathleen (Kennebunkport, Maine)

Our family prays that Jonathan(husband & father) finds employment quickly. This is the fifith time that he has been laid off from his work in the banking industry. He is a good, honest, and kind man. We pray that he finds a job with a good, decent and honest employer and that he will find a position that will help him re-build his career. we also pray for a speedy job recovery so we can take care of our family, our extended family and others who may need our help.

Just like it was before the economy fell in 2008. We have many debts to pay back and that scares me so much. I pray that my children stay well and that we will not be split apart. That would kill me. Please hear our prayer St. Jude! I promise to be your faithful servant if you and Jesus will allow me the chance. Thank you St. Jude

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