Please! Father remove the curse in which I was born under

by Marian (Oakland, CA USA)

All my life father I’ve suffer. My mother died when I was 7, leaving behind 5 children. That’s when my father came into our lives and started helping my grandmother with us. They both struggled on their jobs. While a cousin raped me and my sisters at home. And one of my sisters was raped by 2 cousins. We vow to take it to our graves because of their children we have met on Facebook and some in person. But Father the abuse cause us to have mental and physical problems. I often prayed to be heal of some of this pain I hold inside. I’ve always tried to do something that would cause me to have royalties like my album or one of my books. But all I’ve done have failed. Please! I’m 61 yrs. old Please! move the curse so I can enjoy my life before my time is up. I would love to own a home again and have money to take my grand, great grand kids shopping. Please! remove the curse of poverty, sickness and unhappiness, Amen!

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