Please Father let Steven see all his grandchildren grow up

by Shirl (S..C)

Dear hevenly Father,Steven will have his final test this coming Friday for stomach cancer,Monday the doctor s will give Steven and his family options to whether Steven goes for surgery or chemotherapy hopefully he will no??t need both,Father please free him of this terrible disease, his family needs him Father. His children and grandchildren need him and love him so much,please Father let Steven see all his grandchildren grow up.

Father you say ask and you shall receive knock and the door will open,Father I am asking you to please be with Steven and his family when he gets his results back on Monday. Your power Lord canover come this cancer, please let it be gone when Steven takes his test Friday, I have faith in you Jesus. We ask all of this message in the high and powerful man above our Father in Jesus name Amen .Thank you Jesus.