by Valarie ()

“As a Believer, I pray towards the Heavens to GOD, the Kingdom, the Power & the Glory forevermore. Forever, I will pray for all of the days that I am blessed to live. And I will pray most, for us that are disconnected from our souls; I pray for us whose strong wills have been broken, for us that are not, yet who are forced to be fighters, for us who are afraid every day, I PRAY. I pray for myself, that these feelings of overwhelm and loneliness will soon go away. I pray that GOD will send a helpmate for me so I can journey, forward, with joy in my heart. I pray that GOD will shine bright, a light, on my path to wellness and healing. I pray that this Cancer, this Diabetes, this Depression, this Solitude, this Brokenness and Heartbreak, and these Tears…that these Travesties will not torment me; let them not doom me to a life of unhappiness and pain like they did my Dear Mother. And I pray that I will no longer live crippled within the walls of fears. I pray that GOD will be by my side even when I am in the wilderness; each time I call HIS name, I PRAY that HE will guide ME, show ME a way and never lead ME astray from all that I need to be a worthy child of a most high. For the sake of my mind’s memory, my son, my grandsons and my family who I love dearly yet from a distance, I pray for a day when GOD’S LOVE will reign naturally, that GOD’S LOVE will seep into the blood that feeds then binds our souls, that GOD ALMIGHTY will sanction spiritual stirs of unity as we ALL, TOGETHER LIVE, to be… PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, DIVINE SUPREME OMNIPOTENT FATHER GOD, HEAR MY PLEADS FOR YOU ARE ALL THAT I HAVE. FOREVERMORE, PLEASE BLESS THE SOW OF MY SEEDS, HELP ME TO CONTINUE TO BELIEVE AS I SOAK UP MY BIBLICAL READS. SHOW ME THAT WITH YOU, THERE IS NOTHING I CAN’T DO. CAN I PLEASE BE SHOWN THAT YOU ARE TRULY AS NEAR AND THAT MY TRUST IN WHISPERED PRAYERS CAN CALM MY FEAR? WITH TEARS, ON BENDING KNEES I THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT I HAVE AND ALL THAT I HAVE NOT. I THANK YOU FOR EVERY GIFT THAT I’VE BEEN GIVEN IN GRACE, SO I SURRENDER… I SURRENDER TO THE HEART-SONG OF PSALM, IN THE SWEETEST AND EVER PRECIOUS NAME OF JESUS CHRIST; I PRAY AND I SAY AMEN!” <3


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