Please dont go

I really could use the prayers again. I do want to say thank you for all the prayers already, they mean so much to me. The woman I love finally left the abusive relationship, but since this week she has been so incredibly distant and now barely talks to me. I have asked if she was okay she just said she is having a hard time with life, school, and her moving. I feel she isnt telling me the truth, and instead of talking throughout the day we only talk maybe once or twice the whole day. It is emotionally hard for me because I dont like feeling the distance between us. I have always been fine with relationships and moving on or leaving them. But with her, I feel she is it and it may sound crazy but church said me thinking what I do is my gift of faith. Everything about her feels amazing and the future we talked about is all I want. I have never been the one to want a family. I have just been uneasy this week, and really been low and has been hard to trust God and I know I need too. I please ask for prayers that God continues to break her heart open and pouring my love in there and showing her the love I know she has for me and lets her embrace. Please ask that God continues to take away her ex from her life, it was so toxic for her. She took the first step in leaving but I know its not done. I ask God brings us back to the love we have and we arent so distant anymore. Pray to help me be patient, and trust him more and keep my mind easy while I wait for her.

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