Please deliver me from captivity

by Joseph (Kampala,Uganda)

Oh my Heavenly father, It’s all about you! Please deliver me from captivity!

As i put my lovely wife, my children, my relatives, my friends, my lovely mother, my life and my financial status in your hands, grant us peace and please hear us and be close to us in this hour of financial needs and in this period of time where our friends turned into our enemies! please let us feel your Mighty presence.

Father, we are stuck and need your help please don’t leave us get lost from your holy path! sweep away all non-
important friends in our lives and fill our lives with more important ones!!

Lord, i thank you for the situation am in because i know it happens for a reason! Father i know you have good plans for me and i believe you will never a shame me, soon i will be celebrating ma victory and giving my testimony. I thank you father again and i always give my praise back to the Almighty God in Jesus’s name Amen!!

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