Please Dear God help my son get a fresh start in his life.

Dear God my son as had a very difficult time after making many wrong choices. He had lost his job and has to be out of his apartment on February 1st. he has lost friends and burned many bridges. He is now trying to make changes and wants to get a fresh start. He has been having interviews for a computer job for which he is well trained. He needs a safe warm place to live until a job comes through and he can get an apartment. Please God from the bottom of my heart and my love and faith in you please help. I don’t want him to go back to making wrong choices. Another thing dear God please help him regain his faith because he is believing that God hates him because every time he prayed he said nothing happened and sometime got worse and he stopped praying. He is now really trying to take the right road. Please God hear all my prayers and help my son get a job and a place to live and to have strength and guidance to do the right thing Thank you dear God.

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