Please continuously pray for my study

by Amanda (Groningen)

Please continuously pray for my study journalism, that it may be successful . I was in exams weeks past weeks and made an exam today and have some assignments for grades coming up. Please pray for good results. And that I may have better relationships with people around me. Still working through some past traumas, so for total healing too. +New friends wanted. + Pray for me to get better finances for me. Most of all husband wanted.

Please pray that I may meet my husband and become bride and have family of my own. Thanks in advance. I would be really thankful for supporting me in this way. Also for my friend Traci, for our relationship too become better. For her job & ministry as well. Also for her dad he needs to have a check up, he had cancer, so that this check up will be fine with good health and she had a back surgery, also for her too find and get a good husband.