please continue to grant us with the gift of Magnolia

by Jill (Arizona)

Father in Heaven. This little one is so precious in Your sight. We know that You are omnipotent and know the beginning from the end; that You know the number of hairs on our head; that You love us more than the birds of the Heaven that You created.

We know You know best. But Lord, please continue to grant us with the gift of Magnolia. Lord, she’s only three years old. Her parents love her and long to protect her. But her parents also love You and long to serve You. While we know You are God and You know best, we also beg of You that You heal Magnolia.

That You allow her healing to be a testimony of Your love and grace. Father, grant her parents the rest they need in the days ahead. Give them the peace that passes all understanding. That they will fully trust in You.

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