please come and heal my child baby Jordan

My God in heaven please come and heal my child. She is angry and depressed Lord, heart is young and needs your guidance. She is filled with defiance, anger, hate, disrespect, and rebellion. I bind all these things in Jesus name and send them back to where God would send them. Please break the spell of marijuana and drugs that have captured her. Please give my daughter Jordan peace and tranquility. Let her feel your loving arms around her. Please Father God I’m so afraid for her, I don’t want to lose this special and wonderful person you have given to us to raise. Please forgive me for allowing this to happen and not being the proper parent you have taught us to be. Please give me wisdom and strength to stand firm in you word. Please put the whole armor of God on my daughter and myself to protect her and I from Satan and his demons. Lord God I thank you for hearing my prayer and I humbly ask you to not give up on my daughter like you never gave up on me or my sisters. I give you all the praise and glory. Thank you Lord in Jesus name amen.

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