Please bring us together

dear st jude,

please help bring marco and me together and help us so that our relationship can thrive and last, this time. ive loved him so since i met him and i feel the connection between us still, he always returns, but he seems afraid to commit or unsure of what he really wants. i have waited as patiently as i can, painful as it has sometimes been, for the timing to finally be right for us, and for circumstances finally to be such that we are free to be together, and it aches at my heart to be so close yet still not there. i have envisioned our marriage in the Church and a family created with him, It is my dream and my deepest intention for it to be made into a reality. please help him not to be afraid to love again, and to see the value and beauty and blessing of monogamy and a marriage and family unit within the Church.

let him know that in our relationship he would never be tied down or held back but rather set free because he would finally have true love forever in his life. and let me please finally come to have the love and the relationship i’ve wanted with him, come to fruition. i will be eternally greatful and devoted to spreading the Good News, and make it my goal to help lead marco back to the Church (like in my other dreams) so that both of us can love and serve God, the Father, God the Son, his Mother Mary, all the angels and saints, and the community, and each other, forever and ever. Amen.

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  1. Praying for you

    St. Jude please intercede for her in granting the desires of her heart. Grant her the long she longs for from the person she wants it from. Thank you St. Jude.

  2. Help JF&I restore our relationship

    St.Jude, I beg and pray to you that you can hear my prayers.My heart is heavy today and I can feel the upsetness sitting there quietly hurting me of how much I miss JF and love him.It has been 3 months that we have broken up and we thought that during this time we would try to fix our problems,but he has made some wrong choices that are hurting him,myself, and his family.He is surrounded by temptation,evil,has fallen more into getting drunk more often,jumped to another relationship so quickly,that he doens’t see all his bad decisions as bad and no longer respects his mom or me.St.Jude i pray to you and beg you that you intercede on my behalf and bring back jf to the light and away from all evil,that woman, and temptation.Guide him away and bring him back to his family and I so that with your guidance we can help him come to God.I want to be able to show him that I really do love him,care for him,miss him as he is in denial and says that I dont.I pray and beg you St.Jude that you hear my prayers.I want to fix our broken relationship and make it stronger than ever with your guidance& with God’s guidance and as our foundation.Get rid of the pride that prevents him from coming back,help him along with god see the destructive path he is currently in.I hold no anger,no resentment towards him,but love and honest feelings for this man.I love him and we loved each other in our own ways we wanted to start a family together and be able to continue that path,but with your guidance.I promise to you st.jude that i will publish my thanks to you when you answer my prayers.I love how you listen to my prayers and have given me peace that with patience he will be back.I promise to you that I do love JF with all my heart and do want to be with him.I thank you.Amen

  3. Keep you in my thoughts

    Hi i really like your prayer, truly heart felt. Where are you from?

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