Please Bring Us Together

by Dimple ()

Dear God,
I am devoted to you. I have given up heavy drinking. I have given up smoking. And if i do, it’s never more than I need to on special occasions.. Even then I do not drink nor smoke. I promise you, i will give up swearing, as well. But please. My husband is with you. I didn’t want to lose him. He was my love.. my life. And I’ve come to terms understanding you needed him more than I needed him.

But i ask from you, please do not take my boyfriend from me. Please allow us to be together. He loves me a lot, and you know this. I love him a lot, and you know this. i ask of you to please bring us together. I cannot take another person who loves me unconditionally to be far from me. I do not wish to lose that person, as well.
Keep Wissam safe from harm. Please give Wissam and his family happiness in these tough times over there. I beg you, please have the Embassy open up and have him able to come back to USA.
Please bring us together, God. I beg you Please bring us together.
I am grateful for the second chance you gave me at life. I am grateful that you brought love to me. But i ask from you God… I respected everything you have given me.. please do not take Wissam from me. Please bring Wissam and me close to each other.
I will serve you well in our afterlife.. PLEASE God. thank you.

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