Please bring us closer to You

by Mary (Philippines)

Dear Lord,

First of all, thank You so much for bringing us together as a couple. Please guide me and my boyfriend in this challenge that we are facing. Please heal his heart of whatever pain he is feeling. Please forgive me, too, for my sins and failures that I deeply regret. Please teach and guide me to be a better partner to him and vice versa. Please help us avoid any temptation of hurting each other.

Please guide him and bring him closer to You. Let him know that only You can save us and bless us. Please enlighten us that to be a better couple and people to each other, we must center You in our relationship. We must be faithful to You everyday of our lives. We must make it a point to praise and thank You. Please let him know that a relationship with You is what we will save us and make us better people and lead better lives.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for us. Help us get closer to You.

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