Please Bring Us Back Together

by Kimmie ()

Please truly pray that the love of my life (Walter) and I work everything out and get back together as a couple with one another again very soon. Words can’t describe how much I miss him and how much I love him. Please pray our love is meant to be and that we get back together again. Please pray that Walter takes down his walls and opens his heart back up to me (us) again. Please pray we survive this bump, get back on track, still get married, still live together, and have the most amazing, beautiful and magical relationship with one another again. Please pray I wake up from this nightmare wondering why was I so upset and worried because everything all worked out with Walter and I getting back together and we are now stronger than ever for having to go through this experience. Walter and I are two really good people who have been absolutely crazy in love with one another from the beginning, but lost our way a few months back. Please pray that Walter realizes that his decisions were based on wedding/work stress, cold feet and fear of getting married later in life. Please pray we find our way back together again and everything works out for us. Please pray we still have our happily ever after together.

Saint Anthony: Thank you for returning my necklace, bracelets, ring and key chain to me. I really appreciate it. Please help me again. I really need your help. I lost the love of my life (Walter) and need you to please help bring him back in my life as a couple with me again.

Saint Jude and Saint Expedite: Thank you for everything so far. I need your help. Please help Walter and I work things out, get back together as a couple with with one another, still get married to one another and have the most amazing life and relationship together again.

Also, please help my dad get out of his depression and find solutions to his financial problems. Please bring many solutions and good things into my dad’s life. He really deserves it! Thank you!

Thank you for answering my prayers with Walter and I getting back together. I promise to be forever grateful, thankful and appreciative of this most amazing gift of having Walter back in my life. I appreciate you making it happen for us. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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