Please bring our loved ones home


Dear Lord, Father, thank you for all the miracles that you work for us every day. Please forgive us for our wrongdoings and give us strength to overcome these obstacles that are put before us. Wash us in the blood of Jesus and strengthen our spiritual armor against any forces that would do us harm.. Give us guidance to walk the right path in your Grace. Please bless all these good people here and help us as we wait for our loved ones to come home. We know that you know what’s best and we thank you for your guidance thus far. Please protect our loved ones on the inside. Release any demons or evil spirits that might be working against them that have led them to this place. Please bless them with the right judge, the right public defender, the right doctor, nurse and pharmacist. Bless everyone they come into contact with on the inside so that they may be treated fairly and in line with your Will. Most of all, please set them free of their chains so that they can begin the healing process and do your good work in the world. We are your humble servants, Father, and we ask you this in Christ our Lord, AMEN.

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