Please bring my love mina back into a relationship with me

by Jessy (London)

Dear almighty God

I know we’re not in a relationship anymore but I still love him so much. Please God show him the path towards me. I’m tired and fed up. I’m also very hurt. I want my love back ever so deeply. Please God help me get him back. He doesn’t care or value what I ask him to do. He’s not interested anymore. God I love him loads. Please I’m begging you bring my love mina back to me.
I want him back. He still kind of has it in him. I know we can have more God so please, give that to me !
Please I beg you help me. I feel crushed crushed !
I want him in my life. Now he’s gone on holiday and I won’t see him for 2 weeks – it is so upsetting !!
God please I beg you – help me urgently !!
Please please !
Help me
I’m in so much pain !

Love you