Please bring my love and father of my child back

Dear God, please restore my relationship with my ex-husband. We’ve basically spent the last two years together and now he wants to give up because I didn’t respond sooner. I know I had doubts, but I’ve loved him for the last 23 years. He says he’s marrying the person he left me for years ago. He says I don’t know how to love him. I do, but I was just so hurt by his betrayals over the years, yet I still kept trying. We ate meals together, I cooked for him. We went on vacation together. Our daughter loves him so much and she’s seen us together over these last two years and she has been so happy. We haven’t always gotten along, and I admit I can be hard to live with sometimes. But I’ve grown up so much — I’m not the same person I was. I love him more than anything. I just want my family whole again. Please open his eyes and his heart before its too late Lord. Please forgive me for pushing him away after you brought him back before. Please put it on his heart not to walk away…to give us another chance. May your will be done.

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